Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education initiative with the simple aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use.

Software Freedom Day was established in 2004 and was first observed on the 28th of August of that year. Over 70 teams participated in the first Software Freedom Day. Since that time it has grown in popularity and organizers anticipate more than 1000 teams this year.

Since 2006 Software Freedom Day has been held on the third Saturday of September.

In the Philippines, independent groups, IT activists and passionate practitioners of F/OSS organize themselves for this very day and pull their efforts and resources together to promote the use and benefits of Free Software. Ti’s the time of the year where “IT Activists” celebrate the essence of FREEDOM. FREEDOM from cost, Liberation from ignorance and FREEDOM to innovate. That though FOSS and Using FOSS is FREE; Learning and Being Learned is PRICELESS.

The SFD.PH team, growing steadily every year, gathered for our common cause on the utility and benefits of FOSS, imbibes the objective is to essentially and meaningfully reach individuals and organizations to responsibly make use and believe that Information Technology can immensely impact the way of living, doing and our society today.

Team SFD.PH has won the worldwide best event worldwide in 2009 and 2011 and special commendation in 2010. We continue to improve every year, making the most of our resources and networks we have established along the way.

One way or another our small seed, simple and sincere deeds, our passion and determination has flourished to propagate our firm belief that only with the right perspective and values on Information Technology can we be able to maximize IT’s potential.

And in knowing that “We can only build, with what we know what we have“, this endeavor also fosters enhancing oneself, continued growth and development.

Like nomads looking for greener pastures, our team moves from one venue to another, adopting a new community to be aware of the beauty and utility of Free Software, and after the solidarity F/OSS is then adapted.

This year, we will be bringing our own brand of Software Freedom Day to the beautiful province of Bicol, Philippines. The laid-back atmosphere will be perfect to celebrate this year’s festivities. This year’s theme is: Communities for endless FOSSibilities. This takes from our plan to showcase FOSS communities in the Philippines so there will be more collaboration between different FOSS communities. In Partnership with Bicol University and Province of Albay.

Special thanks to our Corporate partners: Intel and Fragranze , In cooperation with:  MaraLabs, Epson, DOST, ProTees Project.

Community Partners: KahelOS, ACCESS PUP, Mozilla Firefox, Drupal Philippines, Ubuntu Philippines, Raspberry Pi Philippines, CEMIT, and FOSS PH.

Media Partner: Vigattion Radio, UNTV, INVENTIV

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  1. blackomegarey says:

    Feel free to link to Richard Stallman, the one who founded the Free Software Foundation, and the 4 Freedoms Philosophy of the GNU Project. https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

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